Valentine's Pun Card - One in a melon

12 Valentine’s pun cards (free & printable!)

There’s just something about tiny illustrations, with happy little faces, professing a whole lot of love. If it weren’t for chocolate, these cute Valentine pun cards are all I’d need for Valentines Day.

Free Printable Valentines Pun Cards

A laughing, smiling octopus because ‘you octopi my heart’? YES. A heart-eyed light bulb because ‘i love you watts and watts’? YES. These free, printable valentines cards are tiny squares of punny happiness for anyone you love. It’s just a whole lot of cute on cute. I’m telling you, Valentine’s Day just got so much easier with these free printable Valentine’s cards! 

Free Printable Valentine's Pun Cards

Right?! How much are you in love with these valentine’s puns cards? I know. I already know. Use these for her, or him, a friend, a roommate, your kids, or, let’s be real, yourself. These cute Valentine’s cards are almost too much! Share the love.

Here are 7 ideas on how to use these cute Valentine cards:

  • Leave a card on your kid/significant other/roommate’s pillow each night
  • Put a card in your your kid/significant other/roommate’s lunch bag
  • Washi tape these cards on the wall for a cute wall print collage
  • Make these cards part of a countdown calendar (who says those are only for Christmas?)
  • Use as a card with a treat for your friend
  • Use as classroom Valentines for kids
  • Leave a treat that goes with the card (making a legit waffle breakfast with the ‘i love you a waffle lot’ card has my heart melting in a sea of maple-syrupy happiness. Love just tastes so good.)


12 free printable Valentine’s pun cards

I love you watts and watts card

I love you watts and watts!


One in a melon valentine card

You’re one in a melon!


I love you from my head tomatoes card

I love you from my head tomatoes!


donut valentine card

You donut know how much I love you!


pizza cake valentine card

Loving you is a pizza cake! (Also, if anyone seriously makes a pizza cake, I want a bite.)


i whale always love you valentine card

I whale always love you!


Juice the best valentine card

You are juice the best!


I love you a waffle lot card

I love you a waffle lot!


I cereal-ously love you card

I cereal-ously love you!


hogs and kisses valentine card

Hogs and kisses!


I won't go bacon your heart card

I won’t go bacon your heart!


You octopi my heart card valentine pun card

You octopi my heart!

Interested in the free fonts I used on these cards?

Nevis Bold is a beautiful modern sans serif font. It’s a great modern font, and I love the curled tail on the ‘Y’ and all the perfect circle’s for the ‘o.’ You can Download Nevis Bold Free here.  Masana Script a lovely sweet little script font. It’s playful cursive is small, with long ascenders and descenders so there’s great contrast in the letterforms.  Download Masana Script Free here.

Download these free, printable Valentine’s cards below!

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