They say the cure for anything is salt water—sweat, tears, or the sea. Let’s start with the sea…and an umbrella in my drink! Anyone else wanting natures therapy?

'i need vitamin sea'

First off, before you get all bothered about the lack of color palette here just know that black and white is my jam. It’s also 90% of my closet and that is A-Okay.

I had to have this freebie font once I saw it. It was obviously different than any other type I’d seen with the incomplete contours of the letter forms. Many letters never connect for a continuous line, rather, there is a beginning, and an end. How bold of you Barkentina. I love your distinct taste.

barkentina example

I love how gently feminine this font is—it’s not screaming in your face all this curly cute nonsense. It’s type is thoughtful, mature and poised.

Barkentina Download

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