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Confession: I use Mensch font a lot. Like right here with Matchbook font and right here with League Script. It just perfectly compliments so many varieties of fonts and styles. So stop getting all hot and bothered, and download it for free, here. I won’t even make you thank me for changing your typographic life.

I know, I know, another post sans color. I won’t apoogize for a color combo (yes, I’m counting it as color in my book) that’s 90% of my wardrobe (what can I say…it brings out my eyes) and 99% of my home decor. It just gets me. We’ve never had a fight or a falling out because black and white is always the answer! My professor in college taught me that if it works in black and white, it can work in color. By the time I’m done designing, it’s been in black and white it’s whole existence and I just can’t see it another way. So, there’s my arguement. Take it or leave it but mostly let it rock your world!


A new take on traditional calligraphy, this fancy script font is just pure old time-y royalty. I LOVE (L-O-V-E) that the all caps letter forms in this type reach way below the baseline and extend wide with decorative flair. The lowercase type is certainly more toned down than all caps, making it great for uses of larger bodies of copy.

amperzand example

But…let’s talk about the numbers. They just seem a bit too sharp and pointy, very different from the soft flowing feel-good feelings I get from the letters. The swirly question mark reminds me of hypontic optical illusions…or Futura type on drugs. Either way, not so much a fan, but if that’s my only complaint, I’m still happy about good old Amperzand.

Amperzand Download

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