Bedini Bold Italic

Where are all my queens at?

I'm not a princess

I’ll be honest. I absolutely despise red + black together. I almost hate myself for using the two together. I am partly ashamed I fell into this trap myself. But here I am, with Bedini. And I think it actually looks O.K. (Someone better tell me if I’m delusional. Please.)

red and black color scheme

A good fancy-schmancy font is always my go-to to class things up a bit. This Bedini font reminds me of the lovely type from Nouvelle Vague Black (all those extremities in the thicks and thins of the letter forms) and Stilla (those swooshed, curled edges). All the while this Bedini font keeps the integrity and readability of the type forms. And that, is why we love Bedini!

bedini bold italic example

Bedini Bold Italic Download

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