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Being witty is hard. And that’s why I’m going to give us all a boost here and introduce you The Detroit Card Co., the witty persona you never had. (Thank goodness.)

card says 'feel free to name your baby after me'.

Genna is the owner and designer of The Detroit Card Co., and together with contributing writers (most noteably Cara Trautman whose writing can be seen above and below), they offer a refreshing alternative to mundane, expected greeting cards. And we are all over that! (I vow never let myself into the grocery store greeting card aisle again. Torture!) Of course we noticed the lovely Thirsty Script fontcommonly featured throughout her work. It’s just so spot on—a great complimentary font to that strong sans-serif.

About Genna…
I’m a detail-oriented, animal-loving person who wants to make time to go on more outdoor adventures and spend less time on the computer. But I love what I do so much that sometimes it’s difficult to tear myself away.

In a life where money didn’t exist and you couldn’t be a graphic designer (devastating, I know!) what would you be and why?
I would totally be a farmer. I love the idea of growing food and being able to make decisions about how the food is grown. I think it would be really gratifying.

Picture of Genna (Detroit card co)

What helps you get through a long workday?
I love listening to This American Life while I work. I’ve listened to every episode there is and have listened to many of them two or three times. It’s such a great show.

With such a solid font combination, Thirsty Script plays so sweetly with her bright color choices, like these funny little magnets!

4 magnets with phrases.

What do you love about Thirsty Script?
I love the vintage quality of Thirsty Script and how friendly and fun it is.

If this font were a person, what would that person be like?
If this font were a person it would probably be a laid-back hipster with an affinity for all things vintage.

card says 'someone is growing inside of you!'

Now might be the time to mention she has a sale going on, 6 cards for $20 (SOLD!). Make sure you stop by her shop on Etsy or her website The Detroit Card Co. where there’s so much more to love.

Don’t forget to download Thirsty Script font here to join in on all that Thirsty goodness!

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