Don’t practice until you get it right. Practice until you can’t get it wrong.

Practice makes awesome notebook

There’s just enough “off” in this font to love how it’s purposefully rough around the edges.

There’s nothing perfect about the letter forms in this typeface. (I know, you’re already wondering why I like this font, since I swoon of perfect circled “o’s” from Campton and Nevis.) They’re not symmetrical (no, not even the “o”), and if you zoom in real close, strokes are uneven with little notches that have chipped away at what could’ve been a “perfect” letter form.

It’s immature, but not the childish way a handwritten font would be (like soymilk and masana). It’s not poised, and therefore oh so relatable. The rounded strokes and 90 stroke angles seem to mix and mingle with no mathematical consistency, which is a little uncomfortable but I love that this type is weird and not poised. I’m feeling a very distinct vibe about this type, and I like it. Especially those typewriter-like numbers.

economica example

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