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hey, it's okay

I love this purple and misty teal color palette. It’s vibrantly loud and sassy.

violet and misty teal color scheme

More inline type because you don’t get to be sick of it without laying your eyes on this Gist font. (Come on, this is barely like Arb-218, that off-kilter chunky inline type). This type is full of individuality with particular loops (some resemble a pen unable to lift off the page) and uncommon, asymmetrical design. Each letter in this font owns its distinct form with pizzaz and funky flair. (Is anyone else reminded of Silverfake with these fun swishes?)

gist font example

I’d bore you naming out my favorite letters in this font so just take a quick look yourself (“G”, “q” “f” hint hint). The tall x-height makes for bulky, chunky letters that somehow maintain the cuteness and integrity that is Gist type.

Gist Download

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