posh motel font example

Grand Hotel

I love this free script font for all of it’s loop-de-loops! The caps are swirling with the right amount curl. And the lowercase letters in this font have gentle sweeping curves.

Posh motel font example

I used Grand Hotel as a great font combination with Arvil, here. This free script font has a great rounded tip to each stroke, so it’s all that soft, fun, flowy goodness you’re looking for. It’s features remind us a lot of Pacifico font (here), with looping ascenders and descenders and cheery upward strokes to the feet of each letter.

Okay…how daring is that “I”?! We love an “E” that’s basically a backwards 3 and I can’t get over that “S” that’s asymmetrical (just like this font’s number 3!)…whaa? Grand hotel, we admire your courage. And somehow amidst all the curls and loopy happiness, you have somehow created the saddest, droopiest “M” I have ever seen, and I love it.  Oh, and your ampersand is ever-so unexpectedly square!

grand hotel font example

Also, I need that lowercase “k” in life-size please. How cute and peppy is that ending stroke on the foot of that letter?!

Grand Hotel Download

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