JD Jessica

Angular, blocky type that’s actually made of little diamonds patterns which produces this lovely dot pattern in it’s negative space. (Did anyone follow that? I’m confusing, I know, just download the thing and find out for yourself.)

you make my heart pop!

A tiny color palette that reminds me of those nasty Valentine “be mine” heart candies. This palette is definitely much sweeter than those.

peach and teal color scheme

I love this type because it takes a bold font, and makes it airy, light and a little more forgiving through it’s pattern fill. There is so much unique to this font—I’m talking about halfsie arms on the “t” and “f”, uneven legs on the “h” and even an asymmetrical “m.” (Yes, I know!)

jd jessica font example

This font is the real deal — upper and lowercase, and numbers—so we’ll excuse the limited punctuation.

JD Jessica Download

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