La Chatte A Maman

Today is up for grabs. Take it. Free Font // La Chatte a Maman

start fresh

Yellow and gray—an obviously color palette. But can you blame it? It’s screaming “fresh”!

yellow and gray color scheme

A chunky, natural brush-like script font. Is there anything more to love? I’m loving the natural motions of this type! Such raw form you can almost see the stokes of the brush. This type has everything from swooshy strokes, to loopy, chunky finishes. There might be times you question the uppercase “I” because it’s actually lowercase, and you might refuse to use that “p” because it looks like a very sad “n” but then you come across those funky unnecessary upward strokes on the “g” and “j” and everything’s okay again.

Side note: Part of me loves that the “C” was made to cross “T’s” but the other part of me regrets that C for being so selfish. Come on.

la chatte a maman font example

I really just don’t want to talk about the numbers (Curlz anyone? And I’m almost sure that “9” is a “G”) but who cares, because La Chatte A Maman is all that our script, brush pen dreams could be.

La Chatte A Maman Download

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