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Double tap for all our lovers out there! And I’m talking about the German chocolate cake donut I just ate. Don’t judge.

still wearing the smile you gave me

Badge type is so hipster and therefore, awesome. Of course I used this trusty Mensch font (I also used it with Matchbook type here) with the lovely League Script font (which looks a lot like Learning Curve Pro font here).

mustart army and teal

Keeping the natural tilt of handwritten type, this font is every perfection from the worksheets I used in 3rd grade trying to learn cursive (which is obviously still scarring). Alright, so the capitals are a little curly-happy and I have a hard time believing that “W.” But I think the curls play more into the personality of this font rather than an annoyance. I love the authentic delicacy of the pencil-width strokes in this type.

league script example

The oversized dots to the “i” and “j” are a bit odd to me. But since this is a hipster badge, I will embrace the odd. Because that’s cool.

League Script Download

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