Masana Script

The softest cream with vibrating orange and green are just the right amount of punch to get this sweet script some attention. Loving the play on stroke vs. fill for this tiny illustration.

hello orange

green and orange color palette

Masana really is the most darling, sweet script. This type has the most itty-bitty x-height with unabashedly tall ascenders and descenders. And the cutest little curls from letter to letter are a lovely touch to already likeable type.

masana script font example

I’m not one for all-caps script. Also, I’m only slightly bothered by the unfinished strokes in the numerals “8,” “9,” and “0”. Mostly that “8”. Actually, a lot bothered. I’m also resenting that “2”  and “?” for being too curly (nightmarish flashbacks to Curlz anyone?). Just step away from those mishaps, embrace everything else.

 **UPDATE: This font is free only for personal use. Contact Mario Arturo at for more information.**

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