The struggle is real but today’s choice was clear. Treat yo self.

everyday is a struggle

Good thing this is a blog and I don’t have to pretend I know how to pronounce this font, Mensch. (Mence-sh, Men-sh, meh-nusch…? Help a girl out!) Anyway, it required candy store color palette of youthful bright and pastel hues, obviously.

candy store color scheme

I am loving this new bubbly and round take on the ever-so popular tall thick or skinny fonts (like LoxleyArvilCanter and Duke to name a few). The form is a lot like Arvil, but this Mensch type holds more readability at a smaller scale.

Mensch is one of my font combo staples. It’s soft and doesn’t demand attention. Because it doesn’t have a loud personality, it combines well with other fonts that do (I’m talking about you Silverfake). I also thought it went well with the Matchbook font here.

mensch font example

As you already know, I had a long talk with myself about diagonal line’s in zeros. (I’m looking at you Arvil). It’s just not something I can run with. Yes, Mensch, we can still be friends but my minimalist self might hate you a little… and might avoid using the zero at all costs. It’s a personal issue.

Click below to download through Lost Type Co-Op where you can pay what you want for the font. (Yes, even $0 for a free download!)

Mensch Download

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