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The only time someone stares at my chest (I’m kind of an ‘A’ for effort girl if you know what I mean) is when I wear a graphic tee. For some reason, people feel inclined to not just read my tee silently but to ask to read it. So now we’re both staring at my chest for an already embarrassing amount of time, reading the phrase together (sometimes even in sync). After which, the viewer shrugs his/her shoulders, and nods his/her head with an easy, forced, “Cool.” And then we try to move on from why that conversation ever happened. Can’t a graphic tee just BE?

Simply modern, Hola Mi Amor womens graphic tee. Chic graphics tees for women, toddler and baby at TinyLoveDesign.com

To avoid any more awkwardly chest-staring situations, my goal was to create a more abstract womens graphic tee. Something that could be readable, but wasn’t necessary, it just looked good on its own. Hello moodboard for the Hola Mi Amor tee

hola mi amor mood board

With intentionally composed, yet scrambled, letters, the phrase “Hola Mi Amor” was still easily understood (we all miraculously passed 7th grade Spanish, right?) but it primarily reads as an abstract pattern. Plus, one of our customers even said it looked like a chocolate chip cookie. Genius.

Creating a bit of movement in the floating type and scrambling the letters made the tee more spirited and lively. I love this freeform design for a modern graphic tee.

I love the medium hue of gray. It goes with anything, and is a little more gentle hue than black or white. Plus, it photographs so well!

Type is gorgeous on its own. I loved exploring the patterns type can create with these scrambled letters. They register more as a pattern rather than words in a phrase.

If you didn’t get it from our name, we’re kind of obsessed with love. There’s so many ‘love’ graphic tees out there, we wanted to branch out with a different language and a short saying. There’s such simple love in the phrase “hello my love.” (I mean, you could be talking to your lover or…a donut. Kind of the same thing in my book.)

Modern, simple wears. “Hola Mi Amor” womens graphic tee moodboard inspiration by Tiny Love Design.

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