Norwester + Lobster 1.3

Norwester and Lobster 1.3 are one of my all-time favorite type combinations. I love this mysterious gray (with a purple past)— it goes so well with any color palette. Especially this soft rusty orange and tan.

one cannot live well if one has not dined well

soft rusty orange and tan

Norwester is definitely one of my favorite fonts. Even though there is no true lowercase, just a squatty uppercase, I love the subdued power in this type. It’s tall, thick and strong without being overbearingly sharp and intrusive. That’s what makes it combine well with other fonts, like Lobster.


norwester font example

Type Designer: Jamie Wilson

I know, I know, Lobster is so last year and everybody and their dog uses it (probably too much actually). But you guys, the “f” has little T-Rex arms. What’s not to love?

lobster 1.3 font example

Type Designer: Impallari Type

Norwester Lobster Download

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