hip hip hooray!


Of course, a clashing red and pink color palette because this type is kick ass. It’s full of rigid strict angles, with an unpredictable feminine flair. What makes Kilogram so rockstar? It sticks to the grid. This font is full of perfect circles ...

go ahead, punch today in the face


A simple soft red duo did the trick. Needed something bold and simple to let the type speak for itself. First off, Arb, thank you for lower and uppercase. And that inline type is all the rage (or is that just me?). There's just so much chunk to ...

whisk, hat, bottle

Baby Hues

I love some peachy pink with a true blue — it's the perfect baby hues. Use these delicious color swatches below!

Nouvelle Vague Black

Nouvelle Vague

Talk about a black tie font! But, paired with a spirited innocent doodle pattern and some flat layering (we're all about that right now) helps this fancy type loosen up a bit. I'm gushing over the extremity in the thicks and the barely-viewable thi ...

hello orange

Masana Script

The softest cream with vibrating orange and green are just the right amount of punch to get this sweet script some attention. Loving the play on stroke vs. fill for this tiny illustration. Masana really is the most darling, sweet script. This typ ...

women running

Pastel Punch

Loving the play on positive and negative space with her implied, yet non-existent shorts. ;) Who else has their run in for today? I think I'll do mine....tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow sounds good.


Gray & Nude

I had all hopes and intentions of this resembling a tender color palette for a little girl, but it ended up looking more like my grandma's bathroom. Either way, I'll take it. What do you think? Here are the hex codes below:



The dirty cream, dusty mint and muggy orange pull together quite nicely for slightly vintage color scheme. Silverfake is basically screaming at you with personality. It's perfect vintage cookie tin material (I will buy you, wherever you are). ...

mustard and blush

Mustard & Blush

I love this gentle, muted color palette of mustard and blush. A touch of deep, almost-purple-navy adds just the right amount of power to this tender group of color swatches. See the Hex codes below: