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After we decided sewing our own tees wasn’t sufficient, we had to delegate. It’s the only step of product production that we don’t do with our own hands. We had to find a plain t-shirt manufacturer so we could then screen print the tees ourselves. We had to be picky and we couldn’t be cheap. Not in a world where so many products are produced unethically, at the cost of human lives, poor treatment in the workplace and compromising pay.

When we found wholesale manufacturers who use eco-conscious manufacturing, and 100% no sweatshops or through facilities that are WRAP certified (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) we were finally in business. The catch? It meant paying up to 3 times more than the average cost of a wholesale tee.

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From the early stages of Tiny Love Design, it was clear that ethics were never something we could compromise. We knew we had to make it work, so we did. With a few budget adjustments, we ordered our first batch of eco-conscious manufacturing, 100% no sweatshop, WRAP certified tees.

Looking down onto a box of clothes

Through every step of our product production, we’re proud of how we do business. We pay the price for ethics, not convenience.

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