Happy New year! Keeping it fresh with a happy, poised serif. Although, the long overhanging arm on the “r” makes me a little uncomfortable. (oh well).

happy new year 2015

A fresh mint and gold color palette might be my new latest obsession (along with everyone elses).

mint and gold color scheme

Again with the happy, swift upward finishes to each letter! Those overly curly capitals in this font are screaming monograms (am I right?). I just giggle at the arms of the “f” and “l”—deflated, lifeless arms. But I love them still. This type is one for fanciful weddings!

sail font example

Other than the fact that the “8” seems upside down to me and I just can’t get with a font that has varying baselines (its a personal issue, I know), I love this type for its poise and elegance.

Sail Download

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