Taller Evolution

While it’s probably a good thing Justin’s organic peanut butter cups come in appropriately small serving size packages, it really is the only thing that gets me. So I’m going to need about 9 more. Thanks.

chocolate understands

You’re just going to have to suck it up and buy into the tall, skinny font thing. (It IS a thing, isn’t it?) And by “buy” I mean…free download because that’s what I do.

pink and muted deep purple

I thought I had it made with my repertoire of tall skinny fonts—there’s Canter type with the dropped arms of the “E” and “F”, Loxley font which is tall, thick, chunky with rounded curves and Arvil, who’s type forms are a little more rigid to the square. But Taller Evolution is just the font I’ve been looking for. It’s uber tall—which, at some scales, compromises readability but for the most part is just awesome.

For reasons unknown, this font’s “lowercase” type is just super wide all caps. Which really just makes everything difficult considering this font only comes with tall, skinny punctuation and numerals. You can’t excel at everything Taller Evolution. Just be tall and be cool with it.

taller evolution font example

Taller Evolution Download

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