Thirsty Script

It’s just me, pretty little Caldrea Co. and this quote to keep me from going on a crazed cleaning frenzy. Life is supposed to be a beautiful (little) mess.

excuse the mess but we live here

Yellow and gray color palette is just so lovable! I love how soft and gentle these colors can be together.

grey and light yellow color scheme

More script fonts for those of you who are sick of the Lobster type (…Me). Sorry, Lobster, but you had a good run. This Thirsty Script font follows the same natural strokes of calligraphy—all those embellished curves and loops—while keeping it’s brush script identity. It’s friendly, easy-going tone make for one cheery font.

thirsty script example

I hate being the bearer of bad news (and this IS tragic). Thirsty Script type doesn’t come with an exclamation or even a question mark. It’s something we will mourn together until Thirsty Script gets it’s act together. Until then, relish in the 26 little lettered beauty’s before you.

Thirsty Script Download

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