Airship 27

Wander far enough that you meet yourself. Roam with a hungry heart.

roam with a hungry heart

Mixing typefaces isn’t just about choosing fonts with extremes in form. Yes, you should choose contrasting forms of type — tall and skinny fonts with wide and fat fonts, but it’s just as important to combine fonts who’s personality differ. Think of it like the idea of opposites attract. Airship 27 font exudes such masculine form with it’s rigid edges and blocky shape while Grand Hotel is type that’s feminine with cute curly edges and soft, smooth form.

bark and blush color scheme

I love brown and black together (I know, fashion faux-paus!). It’s always the color palette I think of when it comes to ‘man caves’ so I deemed it perfection to pair these colors with such a masculine font, Airship 27. Airship 27 was designed by James George Dunn at Lost Type Co-Op.

I can only describe this Airship 27 font as a crazy threesome (stay with me people) with the height of Loxley font, a less chunky, and more lean version of Norwester type, and definitely the rigidness of Duke type. Airship 27…you dirty dog.

It’s got it’s own quarky shapes—like how the “C” isn’t symmetrical (gasp!). And the “J” is just pixels away from being a reflection of the “L.” We do appreciate that Q, really wanting to be something more than an “O” with a line. (Mission accomplished!)

airship 27 example

I just giggle at that “4.” Who are you?

Click below to download through Lost Type Co-Op where you can pay what you want for the font. (Yes, even $0 for a free download!)

Airship 27 Download

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