Phyllissa Design – Futura Bold Condensed

I’ll be honest, the Futura font has always been a bit too sharp and pointy for me (the caps, that is). I never gave the font much attention until I saw Phyllissa Design bring this Futura Bold Condensed font to life! Such perfect styling with exploding color!

life is colorful

Adoring her loud colorful photo styling! I just had to snag a few swatches from this perfect flat lay.

got the blues with all things pink color scheme

Phyllis balances it all as a wife, mom of two, and a creative entrepreneur. She works with small businesses and creative entrepreneurs to create custom branding and web design. (Oh, and her floral icon illustrations on her site are beautiful! We love a fresh perspective on iconography).

“Working with creative, passionate entrepreneurs has always been a unique privilege, but working with those who have a beautiful vision is what makes it my purpose.” Well said Phyllis!

Here she is again, rocking Futura Bold Condensed type. You know we’re all about that flat lay photography (I know, so is everyone else) but her styling is so on point!

you're golden

I stumbled across Phyllis’ Instagram and fell in love with the motivational quotes and inspiring messages. Amongst her daily life, she posts everything from her workspace and moodboards, to anything graphic design related (yes, she buys things just because of pretty packaging…who doesn’t?) And get this: it’s always in an envious color palette. (cha-ching!)

futura bold condensed example

Don’t forget to download Futura Bold Condensed below!

Futura Condensed Bold Download

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