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Many of you know Tiny Love Design as a blog to find free fonts, lovely color palettes and a few illustrations. We live and breathe typography, color and illustration, which is why we decided expand our brand into a shop of prints and tees. We’re loving this refresh of Tiny Love Design and thought we’d re-introduce ourselves.

Graphic Tees from Tiny Love Design. Everyday wears for the minimal, street style wearer. Click to view the rest of the collection!

We have a thing for type (obviously). It goes with our belief that everyone should always be dressed in good type, and surrounded in good type. We stand by our excellent design sensibility, and we wanted to share it. (Okay, so we were also kind of sick of seeing poorly designed wears and prints and we knew we could change that).

The inspiration for our brand stems from monochrome, minimalism. We love simplicity and the power of monochrome palettes. We wanted to create prints and tees so your daily life could always be surrounded in good type, whether it’s a new print on your gallery wall, or a new graphic tee from our womens or toddler line. We want you covered in good type.

What type of style are your tees?

Our toddler graphic tees are a mix of fun edge. We like to pair unexpected elements together, case and point: Popsicle Tee.

t-shirt with popsicle and chicken leg

We love the playfulness of toddler graphic tees, so we designed these tees with what we know best: typography + flat illustration. All featured in our Happy Camper Tee.


t-shirt that says happy camper

We’re kind of suckers for the minimal, so we completed the toddler lineup with a monochrome grid of the lovers alphabet: xoxo.

toddler t-shirt with x's and o's

Our womens graphic tees are solely monochrome, typographic wears. (And somehow they all ended up being in a language besides English. And no, we’re not even close to being bilingual. We just love Google Translate).

Can you figure out our Spanish word scramble tee? It’s what we say every time we’ve got a donut in hand….

Women's t-shirt with 'hola mi amor' scrambled

(Answer: Hola Mi Amor, ‘Hello my love’.)

Next up, Latin! We love the font combination of this fashionista “diem” font and a scratchy script. It perfectly describes our love for combining opposites. (Salt + chocolate anyone?) Our Carpe Diem, ‘Sieze the Day’ tee.

Women's t-shirt that says 'carpe diem'

We’re kind of obsessed with the negative space type in this ‘magnifique’ tee.

Women's t-shirt that says 'magnifique'

What type of style are your prints?

We like to keep our prints simple, and neutral (in both design and meaning) so they work in any room.

We love that our “Explore Dream Discover” art print (Hello flat illustration and typography! Our fave combo) works well in a kids room, or by the front door as a lovely reminder to keep adventuring!

Poster that says 'explore, dream, discover'

Our energetic “Practice Makes Awesome” type print with that trusty reminder to never give up.

Poster that says 'practice makes awesome'

“You are my happy” print is one of our most popular. It’s all dressed up in a fancy font, and the most perfect nude background. The lowercase letters in this font just make it that much more sweet and simple. Perfect wall art for the nursery or the master bedroom.

Poster that says 'you are my happy'

Obviously we can’t get enough of the lovers alphabet: xoxo. We love the sweeping brush-like letters of this print. Love this reminder for hugs and kisses!

Poster that says 'xoxo'

Playing with literal typography here in our “Dream Big” print.

Poster that says 'Dream big'

What can we expect from your blog?

We’re not going to pretend like we have our shit together. We’re figuring it all out as we go, but most of all, we want to know what you’d love to see! Outfits of our tees? Interiors featuring our prints? Design and typography tips? More free fonts? You name it, we’re open! Mention your idea in the comments below.

What are your current and future plans?

Our focus is definitely on our shop and adding new lines of prints and tees. The future of Tiny Love will be to continue to expand our shop offerings for the type-obsessed people you all are! (wait, you are, aren’t you?)

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