A deep teal and tan seemed so appetizing considering…cookies.

Nelma, how were you so sweetly, intricately, delicately devised? You are the lace of fabrics. The cherry on top, the cream of the crop!

time for a cookie

deep teal and tan color scheme

Those tall slab serif feet hint at an old western font influence, but the pointy middles and feet are anything but. Have you ever seen type garnished with such decorative, elaborate, meticulous and crafty ornamentation?

The dreamer in me wants someone to cut the decorative lines out of paper. (Whoever you are…please show me this masterpiece idea I just gave you!)

nelma font example

I can’t help but wish for numerals and punctuation to complete the font family. I know, it’s a lot to ask. I also know how painful it is to accept an .eps and not a .ttf (oh the ails of free typography). But I introduced you to Nelma and oh how sweet that is.

Nelma Download

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