Little luna. Loving the charisma in it’s free form, allowing it to be raw and still personal. There’s so much friendly personality in this loose, carefree script.

blanket, shoes, namaste

Handwritten brush script and modern calligraphy are all the rage. (Along with watercolor florals, am I right?) It’s basically every bridal invitation I’ve ever gotten for the past year. I’m not complaining, it really is all quite lovely. Except when you (me) want to join in on the handwritten brush script/modern calligraphy goodness but your budget to buy fonts affects the new Michael Kors wedges you want that are—GASP—ON SALE. (I know.)

black and ivory color scheme

So then you stumble across Luna. And it’s everything you’ve dreamed of because, while being raw, spirited, fresh and of course, free, it also accepts the fact that, hey, you CAN be a new owner of those Michael Kors wedges too. Which is important for all of us.

luna font example

Luna Download

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