I’ve always loved these sweet lyrics from The Christmas Song. Drawing santa is way too much pressure—especially when all you need is a hat and beard for the visual queue.

tiny tots with their eyes all aglow

Just letting the negative space speak for itself. Remember my runner illustration?

I’m so into mustard. Like way. And this bright berry? It’s a vibrating color palette I’m definitely coming back to.

bright berry and deep mustard color scheme

Such innocent lyrics needed a font that was childlike and whimsical—Soymilk is just that. These letters string together like a natural child’s handwriting. (Who needs a baseline anyway?) I’m loving the contrast in this type between the small x-height and the reaching ascenders and descenders. Embrace the shaky lines, and imperfect curves of this font—save them just for the right audience.

soymilk font example

Soymilk Download


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