Loxley + Masana

I love literal type. A strong tall font for “big” and a tiny little script for “little.” It’s just all sorts of right in the world of font combinations!

dream big little one

I reused this little script Masana—so click here to go my past post to download that font. (You know you want to…)

Alright, so I cheated with the color palette and basically copied my shoes. But who wouldn’t? I’m a sucker for bright and bold colors with muted neutrals. They vibrate together so nicely for me.

camel and bubble gum

Everyone’s a sucker for tall thick type (it’s basically the new Helvetica), and Loxley is just that. It’s taller and thicker than anything I’ve ever seen! Plus, it has lowercase (hallelujah!). This is bound to be your new go-to.


Loxley Download

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